Olga A. Kazachkova
MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow Institute of Economics
Yuliya A. Boyko
MIREA – Russian Technological University
Marina O. Lapteva
MIREA – Russian Technological University
Kazachkova O. A., Boyko Y. A., Lapteva M. O. The use of natural materials to create a relief glazed surface on products of ceramic mass. Technologies & Quality. 2023. No 4(62). P. 49–56. (In Russ.) https: doi 10.34216/2587-6147-2023-4-62-49-56.
DOI: 10.34216/2587-6147-2023-4-62-49-56
УДК: [666.3.03+666.3.05]7.048
Publish date: 2023-11-22
Annotation: The article discusses the features of stone ceramics decorating with natural materials (various grains and several types of flowers were used to obtain a decorative relief on the ceramic surface), which allows to obtain glazed surfaces with an unglazed concave relief, creating the effect of the graffito technique. The dependence of the relief index on the shape of the impression and decorative effects are shown. It has been experimentally revealed that in the depressions obtained by pressing large flowers, there is a coating of the core of the imprint with glaze, with not deep prints – a distribution in the form of droplets. As a result of using legumes and some types of flowers, the concave relief is covered with a transparent glaze and optically perceived as convex. According to the method of assessing the nature of the relief, the quality of the decorated surface was determined. The systematisation of the decorative effects of the glazed surface is carried out, tak-ing into account the relief and the influence of the material and shape of the impression on the glazed surface.
Keywords: staining; ceramics; stone ceramics; relief; natural materials; glaze; ceramic decoration
Literature list: 1. Kazachkova O. A., Boyko Yu. A., Korneeva M. V. Analysis of the influence of the ceramic surface relief and glazing methods on the organoleptic characteristics of the glaze coating. Dizajn. Materialy. Tekhnologiya [Design. Materials. Technology]. 2020;3(59):65–69. (In Russ.) 2. Boyko Yu. A., Kazachkova O. A., Lapteva M. O. The use of natural materials to create a decorative or-nament. Tekhnologiya hudozhestvennoj obrabotki materialov [Technology of artistic processing of mate-rials. Conference materials. XXV All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference, October 24–29]. Saint-Petersburg, 2022. P. 77–88. (In Russ.) 3. Kazachkova O. A., Torchinskaya A. V. Design of art products: design of the technological process. Mos-cow, MIREA – Russian Technol. Univ. Publ., 2023. 1 CD-ROM. (In Russ.) 4. Boyko Yu. A., Kazachkova O. A., Korneeva M. V., Ryabushkina I. S. Modern methods of glazing ce-ramic products. Trudy Akademii tekhnicheskoj estetiki i dizajna [Proceedings of the Academy of Techni-cal Aesthetics and Design]. 2019;2:13–15. (In Russ.) 5. Livshits V. B., Boyko Yu. A., Dryukova A. E., Komissarova L. A., Kazachkova O. A. Material process-ing technology. Moscow, 2019. (Ser. 58 Bachelor. Academic Course). (In Russ.) 6. Rybakova I. V., Galanin S. I. Classification of enamel technologies and their terminology. Tekhnologii i kachestvo [Technologies & Quality]. 2023;1(59):46–53. (In Russ.) 7. Rybakova I. V., Galanin S. I. Design and technology in the world history of enamelmaking: from the middle ages to the present. Tekhnologii i kachestvo [Technologies & Quality]. 2022;4(58):32–38. (In Russ.) 8. Rybakova I. V., Galanin S. I. Design and technology in the world history of enamelmaking: from the ori-gin of enamel technology to the Old Rus’ enamels. Tekhnologii i kachestvo [Technologies & Quality]. 2022;3(57):42–47. (In Russ.)
Author's info: Olga A. Kazachkova, MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow, Moscow Institute of Economics, Moscow, oakazachkova@mail.ru, https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5078-0947
Co-author's info: Yuliya A. Boyko, MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow, bojko2007@yandex.ru, https://orcid.org/0009-0005-8491-8242
Co-author's info: Marina O. Lapteva, MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow, lapteva.m.o@yandex.ru https://orcid.org/0009-0008-0095-6551