Smirnov M. M.
Kostroma State University
Korabel’nikov A. R.
Kostroma State University
Tikhomirov S. A.
Kostroma State University
Smirnov M. M., Korabel’nikov A. R., Tikhomirov S. A. Development of experimental equipment for die electroforming // Tekhnologii i kachestvo = Technologies & Quality. 2020;3(49): 16–20. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.34216/2587-6147-2020-3-49-16-20
DOI: https://doi.org/10.34216/2587-6147-2020-3-49-16-20
УДК: 677.051. 12, 677.494
Publish date: 2020-12-23
Annotation: This article presents the results of the creation of laboratory equipment for the production of nano- and microfibres by the method of multi-layer electrospinning, a detailed description of the parts of the resulting device is given, such as a device for feeding a polymer solution into the electrospinning zone and a collector assembly. The main parameters of the device, the principle of operation and modes of electrospinning are described. Comparison with similar devices, advantages and disadvantages of different options for supplying solutions to the electroforming zone are presented. The results of experimental studies on this installation are presented on the example of aqueous solutions of sodium alginate and polyvinyl alcohol, and their mixtures. The regimes of stable electrospinning are experimentally determined. Samples of nanomaterials were obtained from mixtures of these polymer solutions. A morphological analysis of the obtained materials and a histogram of the fibre diameter distribution were carried out.
Keywords: electroforming, electrospinning, nanofibres, microfibres, polymer, Spinneret, spinning solution, sodium alginate, polyvinyl alcohol.
Literature list: Korabel'nikov A. R., SHutova A. G. Oblast' primeneniya i perspektivy razvitiya nanovoloknistyh materialov // Vestnik Kostromskogo gosudarstvennogo tekhnologicheskogo universiteta. – 2014. – № 1(32). – S. 48–51. He J.-H., Liu Y., Xu L. Apparatus for Preparing Electrospun Nanofibers: A Comparative Review // Mater. Sci. Tech., 26 (2010), 11, P. 1275–1287/ Korabel'nikov A. R., SHutova A. G., Potekhin V. M. Ustrojstvo dlya polucheniya polimernyh nano- i mikrovolokon i issledovaniya ego raboty // Izvestiya vuzov. Tekhnologiya tekstil'noj promyshlennosti. – 2013. – № 1(343). – S. 127–132. Sozdanie laboratornogo oborudovaniya dlya polucheniya novyh nanostrukturnyh materialov / A. R. Korabel'nikov, A. G. Shutova, M. M. Smirnov, K. A. Semenova // Izvestiya vuzov. Tekhnologiya tekstil'noj promyshlennosti. – 2015. – № 4(358). – S. 225–228.
Author's info: Smirnov M. M., Kostroma State University, Kostroma, Russia E-mail: maksensmirnov@gmail.com
Co-author's info: Korabel’nikov A. R., Kostroma State University, Kostroma, Russia E-mail: prostokar@yandex.ru
Co-author's info: Tikhomirov S. A., Kostroma State University, Kostroma, Russia E-mail: tikhomirovs94@gmail.com